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Rugs from Rags

and old t-shirts, and linens, and all sorts of wonderful fun with recycled, reused, and recovered textiles.

Karen Tiede Studio

Karen Tiede Studio is the roll-up of several artistic ventures. I started in chainsaw carving, moved to hand-knit rugs, added a vintage floor rug loom along the way, and then added reproductions of my art on home decor and fashion items, notably, dog beds.

I am fascinated by the ebb and flow of the recycle stream. My art uses materials you may never notice, and turns them into striking and beautiful products for your home.

--Karen Tiede

Take Another Look

The raw materials for my work come from the thrift shops and swap sheds of Eastern NC.

These are our clothes and linens, sorted and processed and knit or woven into something new and amazing, following traditional quilt patterns as inspiration.

Want more color in your home?

Take a look around the site, and the store.

I may have exactly what you need. I do custom work, too, and I can have the rug images printed on LOTS of items for your home. We can find a way.

What I do…

Textile artist. (You're here.)
Participatory hula hooper.
Serious Pinterest marketing wizard.
Teach social media marketing at NCSU TTS and around the state.