Newcomb Loom Resources

The Newcomb Studio loom history is available from Theresa Trebon (trebon at comcast dot net).She has the factory ledgers for all the Newcomb models. (She can tell you when your loom rolled off the assembly line by looking up the serial number.)  There is a modest fee for this service, and another to add your own name and address to any loom’s history.

Janet Meany (jmeany at weaversfriend dot com) has the manual for the Newcomb Studio Art Rug Loom and dozens of other old manufactured looms. Her Website, Weaver’s Friend, has pictures of and information about old looms.

Repair parts are available for the Newcomb Studio, Improved No. 3 and Weaver’s Delight from Leslie Johnson at Riverside Loomworks, Eaton Rapids, Mich. (rivloom at sbcglobal dot net).  We bought the replacement metal (loom) parts for my Newcomb Studio from them (except for heddles) because my loom had been left outside and suffered from rust. (We bought standard nuts and bolts from the hardware store, but there are a lot of metal parts on a loom that aren’t carried in a hardware store.)

By the way, if you have a new-to-you Newcomb, consider joining the RugTalk list on Yahoo.  It’s tightly curated for rug-weaving only, and full of helpful weavers around the country.